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  • Many companies do not realize the return on investment and full potential of their finance, procurement, sourcing, contracting, and purchasing systems. We have experience in most of the systems and tools you may already use in your company. We will improve how you use your tools or recommend and implement a new one. We will also assist you with ongoing systems administration tasks and upkeep with cleaner data, processes, documentation, training, and onboarding kits.
  • We develop innovative strategies and implement easier solutions, with measurable results – fast.
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We help you assess the fitment of your current systems to your future business needs, support with implementation activities, and help with ongoing system administration tasks 

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We standardize your business processes and automate repetitive data-centric tasks. For automation, we work with both 3rd party providers and develop custom automation tools leveraging ML.

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We uplift your team’s business process expertise by providing them easy, self-learning tools and periodically conducting competency building workshops delivered by industry leaders and practitioners.

Our systems implementation and support services take your processes from good to great.

With our support, you will get the most out of your investment in IT systems and ERP solutions by increasing user adoption, optimizing workflows, and improving reporting.

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Systems Assessment

Get an accelerated assessment (3-4 weeks) completed on the current systems or newer solutions to digitize and optimize your business processes. 

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Systems Implementation

We do provide systems implementation and project management service covering one or more - master data, business content, testing, hyper care, and ongoing systems administration.

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Ongoing support

We perform systems administration tasks and keep clean master data, provide training and support to users, and create and keep documentation and operating procedures current. 

Check out our recent wins 

ACH Implementation using DAX for a Biotech Startup 

Digital Procurement - competency and functionality assessment for a global pharma company 

End to end Purchasing and payment systems evaluation for a fast-growing biotech startup 

Our automation solutions dramatically unleash knowledge worker productivity.

Our solutions help do repetitive stuff more quickly and accurately, freeing time for tasks requiring emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customer and stakeholders.

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Task Automation

Get help to reduce the manual handling of simple tasks or a series of more complex tasks to make processes more efficient and employees more productive. 

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Workflow Automation

Get help reducing process steps requiring human input, making workflows faster, and orchestrating processes better.

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Process Automation

Get help in codifying rules and instructing the software to act, automating business processes beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities.

Check out our recent wins 

Automating busy work across multiple excel sheets, and data sources and collecting inputs from internal and external partners 

Automating PO balances, open PO, spend and cost savings reports 

Automating spend compliance reporting  

Our immersive training solution uplifts your knowledge worker from good to exceptional.

With our experiential and immersive training, your team will learn concepts and fine-tune skills that powerfully build trust, connection, confidence, and a culture of high performance.

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Curated E-learning

Get access to a Netflix-styled master class series tailored to the specific skills & competencies your team needs to become exceptional leaders.

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Team Coaching

Small teams receive their regularly scheduled team coaching sessions and interact with learners across the globe to take the learning deeper.

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Lifetime Results

The go-getters club and leaderboard are not for box-checkers. It's for individuals willing to do the work that will make a lasting impact on their teams and organization.

Check out our recent wins 

Advanced excel and reporting dashboards for finance and purchasing

E-Sourcing and negotiation techniques for faster cost reduction

Performing competitive due diligence on supply markets

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We Helped Our Client Reduce Their Past Due Payments From > 40% To Less Than 5%

Clinical-stage biotechnology company, California, USA 

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