What are backoffice accelerators for Biotech startups ?
Unleashing Value & Productivity

Innovation: Scientific, Medical,
Drug Discovery, IP, BD,
Alliances, Strategy
Clin Ops, BioStats, Safety, Med
affairs, Regulatory, Marketing,
Sales, CMC, Supply Chain,
Quality, Corp Comm, Finance
Purchasing, Sourcing,
Contracting, IT, Facilities,
Travel, AP, AR, Payroll, HR,

Efficient Scaling:

Augmenting with Buying Simplified's Shared services enables Biotech startups to efficiently scale operations in key areas like Purchases, Accounts Payable, Expense Management, Accounts Receivable, and reporting.

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Streamlined Efficiency:

Leveraging Buying Simplified's processes and expertise allows Biotech companies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity from development to commercialization and beyond.


Enhanced Performance:

The partnership with Buying Simplified streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances overall business performance, freeing Biotech startups to focus on core competencies.

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What Differentiates Our Finance Operations Augmentation Services

Operations Team

We become an extension of our client's businesses, following their policies, using their systems, and working to exceed their commercial goals.

Get your time back

When we work on your finance and IT processes, you only have to focus on approving! Free up your and your employees' time for higher-value work.

Happier stakeholders

When Buying Simplified team handles your daily tasks, follow-ups, and reporting proactively, stakeholders feel happier with the finance team's support.


Buying Simplified comprises practitioners with hundreds of person-years of hands-on operational and strategy experience. We know what results are meaningful for your business and how to get them.


When our team supports your operations, we implement industry best practices, business analytics, and reporting and improve compliance, helping you enhance efficiency and effectiveness

We know Tech

We've built technology and understand how it can simplify processes for a frictionless user experience. We implement, upgrade and enhance the utilization of your technology stack for all back-office functions.

Buying Simplified Finance Outsourcing Support.
Your Partners for success.

Satisfaction Score

99 %

Rated support Great or Awesome for all Purchasing and sourcing tasks

Resolution Time

24 Hrs

Lead time to process an invoice

Accounts Payable

100 %

Invoices processed in 24 hours

Hear from our customers who transformed their Finance processes with Buying Simplified

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