What is Sourcing from India & how does it work?

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End-to-end sourcing solution:

Our wholly managed supplier sourcing solution allows you to leverage India's manufacturing capabilities, from raw material sourcing to custom manufacturing for any Procurement requirement.

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End-to-end workflow & traceability:

Through the entire sourcing life-cycle, our customers have access to steps, status, notifications, and timely alerts enabled by an advanced technology platform accessible on the go by any device.


& Payment:

Our on-ground India-based team works with shipping and transportation partners and clearing houses to ensure smooth transportation of goods, providing speed, low cost, and reliability in your supply chain.

Benefits For clients

What Differentiates
Our India Sourcing Solution

Tracking & Visibility

You get step-by-step alerts and visibility of your request for sourcing through the complete workflow. Project status with reports, the record of thorough communication with the vendor, the entire audit trail of negotiation, supplier leaderboard, and spend reports.

Unparalleled Vendor Data

We have the largest database of India-based manufacturers, and for each category segment, we perform thorough due diligence on the top sellers, often accompanied by personal visits.

Crowdsourcing Network

We have the largest community of Procurement buyers in India to obtain recommendations about reliable vendors for any spend category

Account Management

Whether it is one product or multiple, you get access to an expert project management and procurement practitioner to ask any questions or convey your project needs

Logistics & Shipping

We have shipping partners who complete the project documentation, shipping, and deliveries to your local warehouse or shipping location. From start to end, we manage the process and everyone involved in shipping.

PO & Payment Management

You do not have to worry about making international wire payments, taxes, Pos, and other legal documentation. You place the order to Buying Simplified in the USA and make local domestic payments for goods.

What Differentiates
Our India Sourcing Solution

Response Time

72 Hrs

Acknowledgment from validated suppliers within 72 hours of your complete requirement.

Resolution Time

7 Days

Valid quotation from
approved suppliers

Satisfaction Score


or higher

We ensure a sourcing satisfaction score of 4.5 or higher on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

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