Reduction in production down time due to non-availability of vendor spplies 


Opportunities identified to reduce cost of PPV packages 

90 %

Reduction in incorrect and incomplete data about fulfillment dates, lead time, purchase price variance (PPV) 

Hear from our customers who transformed their Finance
processes with Buying Simplified



Reduce administrative, cumbersome excel based, and email based work and improve communications.

Streamline getting delivery confirmations, PO fulfillment information, tracking, and projections.

Reduce delay in production

Reduce loss of revenue

Our Solution

Cohesive systems strategy, including multiple ERP, ordering, receiving, contract data sources and building a global constrained tracker.

Implementation, integration, and automation of following up and data received from suppliers, sites, and contract manufacturers.

Comprehensive documentation and Customized team training for all users internally and externally (client, manufacturing partners, and suppliers)


Client Procurement managers and site leaders can now see all their required data, shortages, delivery schedules, supplier commitments and fulfillment projections in one place, understand the status of projects, and anticipate needs on the fly. 

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